SERRAT AUDITORS is a company established in 1982, mainly working in Catalonia, but also offers professional services to other organizations in the rest of Spain, as well as in Europe, America and Asia.

Our company’s philosophy is based on three principles, which form the foundation for our professional activities:

  • Professional knowledge: We believe that is essential and necessary to have a qualified team which knows the profession of auditing and is constantly undertaking C.P.D. including accounting techniques, the world economy, tax regulations and new technologies.
  • Professional ethics: Maintaining our company’s professionals at the highest level of ethic code, both in the relationship with our clients and professional ethics.
  • The client: Our philosophy is that clients should not be treated in a general impersonal way or analyzed under ready made programmes. We try to give our customers individual care, knowing their particular economic activity, the situation in the country, their specific sector, requiring in each case a personalised professional service.

Key Points

  • An experienced professional team, with initiative and ability to bring added value to the company.
  • Strict code of professional ethics ( independence and objectivity).
  • Strict confidentiality in the carrying out of their work.
  • Permanent contact with high involvement from auditors-members, team leaders and technicians.
  • Constant contacts with people in charge in your organization.
  • Experience of more than twenty years in different kind of business.
  • Each client is treated on an individualised personal basis.
  • The promise to fulfill the undertaken commitments.
  • Modern working methods, periodically revising, analysing and processing in order to improve efficacy.
  • Audit-specific software, advanced technologies needed to achieve the objectives of each analytical task.
  • As a result of the external completed analysis, clients achieve added value being able to improve those aspects or processes which can be improved.